Coolest Homemade Irish Leprechaun Costume

Every year my city has a giant culture festival, called Folklorama. My dad dresses up as a leprechaun and kisses all the ladies who come to visit the Irish Pavilion. My mom made this Homemade Irish Leprechaun Costume for him by embellishing a coat she found at a thrift store.

She attached gold trims, buttons, velvet and lace on the cuffs. He wears a green dress shirt with a lighter green scarf tied in a bow around his neck, and a black vest with a sparkly gold design (although I think that’s a newer addition than this photo). He also wears green velvet bloomers and lighter green tights and black with buckles, which were all found or bought items.

The hat is simply a bought black top hat covered with a green velvet fabric, the buckle on the hat is also made from gold trim and fabric and topped off with a fluffy green feather, which was purchased at a local dance wear store.

This costume gets worn for many events all year and is always a big hit on St Patty’s day, and although it ran us $200 or so it’s been worth every penny!

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  1. Hey guys, I love this picture, lol, perfect. I also linked to it on my article about how to save money on St. Patrick’s day


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