Coolest Leprechaun Costume

This is my son Olin, he is 2 years old. I always wanted a redhead child, since I didn’t get one when I had him, I decided to make him one.. lol and thought he would make a great Leprechaun with for Halloween. This Leprechaun Costume was my first made form a pattern, the last few years I just made it how I thought it should be.

So I used a Burda pattern for a Boys’ suit with a peplum and little knickers. I saw the pattern and knew I would figure this out one way or another. The vest pattern was with the whole set and I bought clover print material.

The rest of the outfit is just plain green and the lapel is a sparkly sequin material. I also made him a Pot O’ Gold and rainbow simply painted a pumpkin bucket black and stuffed it with newspaper, the rainbow is made out of colored pieces of foam paper and cut to shape and hot glued onto a foam board to give stability, then I stuffed the end of the rainbow down into the bucket then hot glued gold coins all around the rainbow so it locked to be overflowing with Gold.

The hat was made out of light pliable cardboard that could bend, it was shaped in a circle and hot glued, then we cut out a circle about the size of a dinner plate, and in the middle of that we removed another circle so the hat would fit inside the brim. Once all was cut I fitted the pieces together then cut and glued the hat so it folded over the bottom of the brim to hold better. Once all that was done, I covered it carefully with fabric leftovers from the outfit and used glue gun to attach it all.

The buckles on the hat and shoes are just gold glitter foam paper and cut into buckle shapes. For the hat I just hot glued it on and the shoes I stapled a rubber band that I colored black to the back of it and slipped it over his shoe (since I want to be able to continue to use the shoes).

For his hair we bought that spray hair color that can be found at just about any store. All the items purchased were from craft stores. I had a blast making this costume and so far he has had a blast wearing it, we have been trick-or-treating once and have two more times to go and he wore it for a parade and contest.

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