Coolest Leprechaun Halloween Costume

I came up with the Leprechaun Halloween costume because last year my 3 year old son saw a commercial of the Leprechaun movie and it fascinated him!

He had a million and 1 questions to ask about leprechauns! So, I decided to make him a little leprechaun for Halloween. I looked everywhere for a leprechaun costume, when I couldn’t find one already made, I looked in the sewing sections of all stores for a pattern to make a leprechaun costume, with no luck on the leprechaun costume for October 2007, we settled for another costume, but I promised to make a leprechaun costume for my son this October 2008.

So with this promise in mind, I started looking for a leprechaun costume for a child in March. I went to all of the local costume rentals/retailers, still no luck with this costume!! The owner of the costume store searched through her catalogs in hopes of finding a child’s leprechaun costume.

After again having no luck I decided I would have to make my son a little leprechaun costume, with this being the first costume I had ever made from scratch I didn’t know where to begin, I found your website and saw the leprechaun costumes on it and I began to come up with my ideas for this costume. I bought the little green glitter/gold clover hat and green tie with clovers this past march.

I bought a toddler suit/jacket pattern, by the way, I am a beginner sewer so the pattern was like a foreign language to me!! I looked at the jacket pattern and from looking at that I was able to make my own pattern using the real pattern as a guideline. I drew my pattern out on some old newspapers, making the back of the jacket a penguin tail type jacket, I made the bottoms of the costume by making my own pattern using a pair of my sons shorts. After ripping out seams and trying again a few times, the jacket and pants turned out great!!

My mother had some gold trim, so I used it to set off the little jacket. I used elastic for the waist and the legs of the bottoms. I bought some rainbow striped straps and used double sided Velcro to make them stay like overall straps. I used an old white dress shirt we already had. I bought 2 1/2 yards of green material, which I only used about 1 yard.

I also made buckles for my son’s dress shoes by cutting out 2 little squares pieces of cardboard and spray painting them gold and then taping them onto the shoes. For his pot of gold I bought a witch’s kettle from the dollar store, and I glued around the top some ribbon with little gold coins dangling.

It cost me about $25 dollars to make this Leprechaun Halloween costume. It turned out very cute! We had lots of compliments and my son won 1st place in a costume contest!!

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