Coolest Homemade Leprechaun Costume Idea

The ultimate Leprechaun costume idea came to me because Halloween is such a big party night. Why not combine it with one of the other biggest party nights of the year……..St. Patricks Day! A simple white dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants rolled up like gauchos gets you started for your festive fellow! Dress it up with a green blazer and knee high green socks !

I’m a thrifter …….these items are easily found at your local thrift stores or even tag sales! Green felt makes a great bow tie and shamrock for your Derby hat that can be bought at a party store. I used card board cut outs covered with gold foil for my shoe buckles! I used the hair from the wig for my goatee and bushy eye brows, that just really put the creepy into the Irish man!

I attended a huge party in this get up……so the highlight of this costume is me Pot “O”Gold! I used a small plastic witch’s brew pot, wired a plastic bowl upside down on the pot. I glued chocolate gold coins to the top of the bowl! I filled the pot with more chocolate coins and handed them out all night !I am woman…….my own friends did not recognize me in this costume or the fact that I was a woman!

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