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Coolest Homemade Halloween Pumpkin Costume

This gorgeous Pumpkin Tutu Dress is a Homemade Halloween Pumpkin Costume I created for my daughter to wear this Halloween. The dress is made from yards of tulle in orange and sparkling gold. The top of the dress is lined with green leaves that have been embellished with gold glitter.

This costume is actually two costumes in one! The felt pieces that make up the Jack o’Lantern face are removable. The eyes, nose and mouth easily clip on to any of the pieces of tulle in the dress instantly transforming it from a regular pumpkin into a jack o’Lantern!

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  1. Beautiful! This is actually super easy to make. I made my daughter an Elmo version of this using the no see tutu method and 6 rolls of tulle so 150 yards in all. It cost me less than $15 to make and about 3 hrs. altogether.


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