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Coolest Homemade Jack O’ Lantern Baby Costume

When Halloween came around for our 6 month old baby it dawned on us how much fun we could have using his name–Jack–as inspiration for ideas. For that first one we decided on a Jack O’ Lantern. But having a touch of Irish in him, we wanted to mix things up. Instead of an orange pumpkin with face we opted for a green Coleman Lantern.

To make the Jack O’ Lantern Baby Costume we re-purposed the classic pea in a pod costume for infants and toddlers, attaching the Coleman logo cut from a sleeping bag stuff sack. Followed that with a felt contraption to look like the propane dial on our camping lantern. With some foam from the fabric store and more felt to match the pea-pod costume we fashioned a head-piece including pipe cleaner handle and actual lantern mantles stuffed with cotton balls.

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