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Coolest Homemade Christmas Tree Costume

My daughter wanted to be something homemade, so I tried this Homemade Christmas Tree Costume. I got 6 yards of thick green felt and one yard of yellow from Walmart, cost $18.00.

Cut the 6 yards in half, giving you two 3 yard pieces of green felt. I laid out one of the 3 yards of felt on the floor, had my daughter lay on the felt with her shoulders level with the edge of the fabric. I began to trace at her arms for the pattern, giving room for size. I traced a simple “three tree shape”. Cut the pattern out and folded it in half vertically (this now is your pattern for your second piece of felt).

Take your second 3 yard piece of green felt, fold it in half vertically and lay your first piece on top for the pattern. Trace your pattern and cut.

Match up your two Christmas tree shapes and pin at edges for sewing. I sewed this by hand, due to the sewing machine not working, but anyway, I started at the top, leaving about 1-1/2 foot opening for the head and continued to sew around the shoulder. I stopped at the mid-section of the 1st tree shape and then began back again at the beginning of the second tree shape to allow for openings for the arms. Continue sewing around the third tree shape leaving 2 feet of room open for the feet. Repeat the same sewing on the opposite side of your tree, then turn inside out.

Take yellow fabric and fold in half. Trace a very large star shape to cover the head. Sew your two star patterns together leaving open the two bottom star points. Stuff the top and side points of your star with padding. I glued the padding inside. Cut an opening in the front of the star for the head to show through. Take a headband and tacky glue the headband to the top opening of the star.

Go to the dollar store and buy ornaments, garland, candy canes, etc. and either sew or hot glue gun them to the tree. Get two small boxes, wrap them in Christmas wrapping paper and cut hole for the feet to go in. (Presents under the tree) Sorry this is not shown in the picture, my daughter got tired of wearing them.

Your Homemade Christmas Tree Costume is complete. This won 1st place at a local Halloween Contest.

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