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Coolest Christmas Tree Costume

This Homemade Christmas Tree Costume began 9 yrs ago, when I made a Christmas tree costume for my 2 yr old daughter. When she won a contest that year, I was thrilled! Last year in August, I asked my daughter what she wanted to be for Halloween and she said, “Mother Nature! and why don’t you be a Christmas Tree, Mom??” I thought what a great idea! So I began working.

Went to the thrift store and bought a green sheet, bought a hulahoop and started sewing. Got out the box of Christmas Decorations and sewed all the branches on. Made it into 3 pieces… a bottom complete with suspenders, a Poncho middle that slips over my head, and a hat/helmet that sits onto my head that was started by a wreath. I sewed fabric into the head so its not itchy on my face or my neck and put some support in the top to secure a glowing star. I added more and more branches as I found them at stores and resale shops, 8 packs of battery operated lights, ornaments, garland and finished it with my ipod of Christmas music!

The costume took about 3 months to make, and I’m always adding more stuff to it. It has been a total blast and gets people in the Christmas spirit! Christmas is my favorite holiday, so why not celebrate it in October!!!

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