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Coolest Homemade Christmas Present Under the Tree Costume

My daughter, Sierra, does not do gory, gross or scary. In fact, she won’t even stay in the same room if someone is talking about blood, guts or gore. Halloween is obviously not her favorite holiday since it involves all of the above. This year she decided to skip the Halloween horrors and move on to Christmas instead. She wanted a Homemade Christmas Present Under the Tree Costume. Easy enough!

I found the perfect shaped box at a yard sale (free) and taped the top and cut holes for the head and arms. I wrapped it with the ‘75% off, end of the season’ wrapping paper I bought last year, and used some extra wide ribbon that I purchased at my local thrift store. I made the ‘from Santa’ tag using paper I already had in my scrapbooking box and used an old Christmas gift bag as her candy bag. I had to dig through all my stored away Christmas totes to find the singing Christmas tree hat that sings “Rockin around the Christmas Tree” when you push a button on it. My daughter didn’t realize until after she was fully ‘wrapped’ up that she couldn’t reach the singing button, so, I had to walk along with her and push it as we went to each house. Christmas is definitely coming earlier and earlier each year.

The great thing about this super, inexpensive, costume is that she can wear it at Christmas parties and we can recycle it after the holidays!

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