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Creative Homemade Christmas Tree and Present Couple Costume

My friend and I came up with the ingenious idea to make a creative homemade Christmas Tree and Present couple costume. Best part is they were ridiculously cheap. Everything we got was from the thrift store and it was all done in 1 day.

Firstly the Xmas tree was a ton of fun to put together: I got a giant mens sweater in green, grabbed black leggings from home ( you could also use brown). Then this was the best part, you know that part of the thrift store that constantly has Xmas things in it? Go to that section and go crazy, get ornaments, a tree topper, anything that is cheery and xmassy. Then just use the same little hooks to hook ornaments on the sweater, and use the tree topper on your head, I made it part of my up do.

My little present friends costume was made from a big Xmas sweater (again thrift store) and then we just took a cardboard box and cut off the bottom and top flaps, then wrapped it up in wrapping paper, and stapled ribbons on the sides to create “suspenders”. Then a big bow in her hair and it was done! So much holiday spirit!

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