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Coolest Christmas Costume

My idea for this Halloween came a week before last Halloween. I am a costume NUT! I already have some ideas for next year. I am into family themes as you can see. I have two girls and a boy. Luckily, my oldest 4 year old is pretty much game for anything as long as I give her enough notice and talk it up. I must admit that I purchased the hat and combined beard as well as Mrs.Clause’s wig. I can tell you how to make the hat and beard by hand but I am not quite sure on how to fashion a wig.

Simple over sized red sweatsuit. Probably two sizes too big! I cut off the hood and the long arm sleeves and then hot glued fake fur around the arm cuffs, the bottom around the neck and through the middle. I cut the legs to about her ankle and then hot glued white fur to that as well. You can also cut up the fake fur (buy at any arts/crafts store) and glue it on the face for eyebrows, mustache and beard. She was not game for that because she didn’t like the feel or smell of the face glue. She is only four. Stuff a plastic bags with anything soft for the belly.

Grab a big black belt. Try thrift stores or you could make one with black felt and gold felt for the buckle. You can buy a hat pattern for the hat or if you are a good sewer, you could probably make the hat out of the left over material from the hood on the sweatshirt and hot glue some cotton balls on the end. For the glasses I just bought thin gold wire and formed them into glasses. Fortunately, she has a pair of black boots. For extra effect, a Santa bag for candy, a bell, a long list (not shown in picture).

Middle-Mrs. Clause
I searched and searched for a child sized white wig. I ended up using a colonial times wig and I just cut off the long braid like things from the back. I used her XMas dress from last year(she didn’t grow much) but any ol’ red dress will do. I also hot glued white fur all around her dress and made her wire glasses in the same way I did her sister’s. I hot glued a red bow (same red ribbon I used for my present)onto the wig. She wore white tights and black shoes. For extra effect we had her carry come cookies on a plate (not shown in picture). You know I hot glued them to the plate so she wouldn’t be dropping them. I can’t decide what I like more, Halloween or glue guns.

Just grab an old box. Cut out the bottom completely, then make arm holes and a head hole. Wrap in Xmas wrapping paper, glue on a bow(s) and a tag and your good to go. My 14 month old son only kept it on long enough for a couple of pictures. That was the only difficult part of this idea. He did not like being trapped!

I can’t say it was a lot of work because I truly enjoyed making it and the kids had so much fun playing out the role. They were such a hit in their Christmas costume.

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