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Cool Twinkling Christmas Tree Costume

I made this costume for my next door neighbor Lilly! I wanted to do something happy and bright! When I was young the high school parade floats were always made in my grandparents garage which I have great memories of getting to help out. So I decided to try and create a costume using this method.

Tree: I hot glued 2 strands of battery operated twinkling lights inserted through the back of the chicken wire. Then inserted tissue paper pomps into the holes in the wire (1200 pieces) then sprayed with adhesive. In order to make sure the pomps stayed in and to keep it’s shape I lined the interior with red duct tape as well as edging the form with duct tape to make sure nothing would poke out. Used duct tape to hold the battery packs on the inside of the costume. Hot glued small shatter proof ornaments to the pomps. The sides and shoulders were attached with picture wire. I made 4 bows out of ribbon to hot glue where the sides were attached.

Star: Cut out two pieces of cardboard and hot glued three pipe cleaners in between. Wrapped pipe cleaners around a headband and hot glued. Covered the star with gold glitter.

Gifts: Used two Christmas boxes with removable lids. Made bows for the tops of the boxes. Cut two holes in the bottom of boxes and used long shoe strings to run through the boxes and attached to boots and knotted inside the box. Placed lid on top of boxes.

Bag: Used a re-usable grocery bag using ribbon made bows and hot glued to bag.

She was the hit of the neighborhood. When her family saw her for the first time in it they were awed. She received compliments at every house she went to. “Best costume I have ever seen” stated by most! So adorable! Have never seen anything so cute! And I received many compliments regarding creativity!

She was absolutely beaming while she was in this costume!

Cool Twinkling Christmas Tree Costume

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