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Cute Homemade Christmas Tree Costume

About two months ago I was hanging out with my friends at lunch and I jokingly put o water bottle on the top of my head and put all of my hair around it to make it stand straight up in a cone. I then wondered how I could incorporate this into my Halloween costume, and we came up with a Christmas Tree Costume!

Then the idea just skyrocketed from there as we thought of wrapping tinsel up my hair and dress and having presents for my feet! My mom made the dress out of green material and then she sewed a circle of wire (made from coat hangers) into the bottom of the dress to make it have a shape. We wrapped shoe boxes and then cut holes in them for my feet. My hair was done using a piece of paper shaped like a cone, green hair dye, and a ton of hairspray. We then wrapped the tinsel up my dress and my hair, added ball ornaments with safety pins and bobby pins, and then cut out a cardboard star wrapped in shiny paper and attached it to the top!

And voila! You have the coolest and most creative Christmas tree costume ever!

Homemade Christmas Tree Costume

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1 thought on “Cute Homemade Christmas Tree Costume”

  1. Wow! This is a fantastic costume. I like the way you used your hair with the costume. Very cute, I hope you will create more costumes like this one.
    Great work!


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