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Coolest Paper Mache Pumpkin Costume

I wanted a costume to be funny and to get completely into the spirit of Halloween and I wanted to make it myself. So I made this Paper Mache Pumpkin Costume.

I made a large ball by stuffing construction garbage bags with torn up newspaper balls and then covering the bag with paper mache newspaper strips soaked in 3:1 water to white glue mixture.

In this way I made two hemispheres and then stuck them together with more paper mache. This took two weekends. Once it was dry, I cut holes for body, head and arms. Painted the ball in pumpkin colour by using ordinary gloss latex paint. Then I painted on a pumpkin design in black tremclad.

Similarly I made a paper mache pumpkin hat and stitched it to an old clown wig so that it would stay put on my head.

I managed to find pumpkin tights at a party store and some orange face paint to complete the ensemble. I also wore a black turtleneck sweater underneath. I thought the effect was pretty good.

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