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Coolest Homemade Girl Scout Selling Cookies Costume

This costume idea came to me when I realized that a girl scout would be incomplete without her irresistible box of cookies! The cookie box costume probably cost about the same amount ($4) as a real box of Thin Mints!:)

For the cookie box:
-I used my friend?s guitar box which was both tall and rectangular (perfectly fitting for girl scout cookies) and cut square holes for the arms and head.
-After painting the entire back, sides, and part of the front with a medium light green tempura paint, I printed out the letters with large font and cut them out of white paper placed over the printed paper. (I emulated the Girl Scouts symbol by hand)
-I picked up two sheets of poster board (that?s where the $4 came in!) and painted it a dark brown for the cookies
-On the back of the box, I also printed out a large Nutrition Facts label and I added words like ?Tastiness?168Ibs? and put silly things for the ingredients (?Too much brown sugar, Lots of Fat, etc.)

For the Girl Scout:
-I found the skirt and hat on ebay for $7 under Halloween accessories
-I made the top using an old green shirt, which I cut into a vest
-I added patches from old fabric, cropped the top, and tied the two sides of the vest together into a knot

If anyone needs further directions or help with this costume, feel free to contact me!

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