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Coolest Homemade Frankenstein’s Monster Couple Costume

Me and my girlfriend love dressing up for Halloween, Friday the 13th and any other excuse we get. Blood soaked limbs, faces and brains are usually the order of the day but this time we tried something a little different, a Homemade Frankenstein’s Monster Couple Costume. No blood this time which was hard to do because blood is such fun.

We dressed up as Frankenstein’s monster and bride. Started by painting my face a dark green using makeup, face paint and a few other things. It didn’t take too long and looked great. Next I put stitches on my neck and forehead using a make up crayon. To seal the deal I attached the bolts which were hard to find. I COULD NOT fine any from fancy dress shops or anywhere so I made my own. I got rubber stops for the bottom of chair legs and I spray painted them a dull gray and they attatched apiece of black elastic through them and tied them to my neck.

It was a great idea because it was tight so the bolts didn’t move all night. Of course Frankenstein’s monster had black, oily horrible hair but I have a massive 30cm mohawk so I just put it up anyway.

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