Coolest Kids Frankenstein’s Monster Homemade Costume

This is a costume I made over a couple of days for my son. My goal was to make a home-made boxy head shape for the monster. I started with a one gallon plastic water jug and cut the base off.  The idea was to use the square bottom as the base/mold.

I then covered it with several layers paper mache. Once that dried, I build out the eyebrow ridge with modeling clay and covered the forehead with liquid latex. I then painted the forehead green with simple craft paint. The hair was purchased at a fabric store and glued down.

The jacket was picked up at a thrift store and my son wore a black T-shirt underneath. The shoulders were padded with foam to give him a more boxy shape. Finally he wore a pair of old Doc Marten shoes my wife had to give him height and bulky feet.

The neck bolts were purchased at a costume/party store and applied with spirit gum.


  • Paper mache
  • Modeling clay
  • Green craft paint
  • Green face paint
  • Fake hair fabric
  • Thrift store jacket
  • Old pants/shirt/shoes

Total cost of costume: between $20-$30

Total time: ~8 hours.  Paper mache took up the bulk of this effort

Coolest Kids Frankenstein's Monster Homemade Costume

Coolest Kids Frankenstein's Monster Homemade Costume