Coolest DIY Eve Costume

Unfortunately I didn’t have an Adam to join me, but I still LOVED this homemade Eve costume. It was so easy and cheap to make, here are the steps!

1.) Find a skin-colored bra you won’t mind ruining.

2.) Purchase a couple bags of various leaves. (I stuck to green and gold, but you can use whatever you want!)

3.) I stapled the leaves onto my bra because I didn’t have enough time to super glue them. Just to warn you, the staples were really uncomfortable!

4.) For the skirt, it’s actually an old white pillow case because I didn’t want to ruin my good white skirts. I just cut it to the length I wanted and stapled the leaves on and some flowers too.

5.) I finished it with a brown belt and brown boots (flip flops would’ve gone better but October is really cold in Buffalo).

And its that easy! Enjoy!

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