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Coolest Homemade Drama Queen Costume

Oh, the drama!! We decided our original “drama queen” needed a costume that would suit her for Halloween. We shopped the local Goodwill store and found the perfect bridesmaid dress. We added matching shoes to complete the look. The tiara was purchased at the Halloween store, but I have seen them year round in stores like Target and Toys R Us in the kids dress up section.

Her “Drama Queen” sash was made from ribbon and glitter glue. I found the ribbon at Michael’s craft store along with the glitter glue. I measured a length of ribbon to make the sash, found a font fit for a queen and carefully traced the letters to the ribbon with a pencil. To do this copy the words from the computer to computer paper, tape the paper in a sunlit window, place the ribbon over the words, trace the letters onto the sash. I then placed the sash on a table, traced the penciled letters with glitter glue and when dry, measured and glued the sash to fit my daughter.

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