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Coolest Homemade Witch Kraft Costume

I usually like to make my costume a play on words so this Halloween I made a Homemade Witch Kraft Costume. To make my cauldron, I used a aluminum sandwich serving tray which was the perfect size to fit in the opening of the cauldron. I bought the cheapest (largest) Mac & Cheese dried noodles (2 large boxes) that I could find.

In a large bowl I mixed Mod Podge Glue (glossy) with “cheese” colored acrylic paint. Then stirred in the dry noodles and layered on the sandwich tray and let dry. Then on top I added some candy eyeballs and spider rings. I bought material that I cut out to look like fire and hot glued it to the cauldron. To make the signs, I photo shopped my signs and had them printed out at a Advertising sign print shop as I need them to be large. I wore a witch costume that I already had from a prior year. I bought white material to make the apron. I printed on my computer, with Iron on Transfer Paper for your computer, the saying..”Witch Kraft, The Cheesiest!” Also, I made a macaroni necklace to accessories. Everyone loved it.

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  1. No, it was on my wall in my work space. But it is also on my apron. This was for my office annual Halloween Costume and decorated work space area contest. I won first place. That night I set it up infront of my house and gave out packages of Easy Mac as my treats. Everyone loved it.


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