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Coolest Homemade Irish Stew Costume

I actually got the idea for my homemade Irish Stew costume this year from the Human and the Witch costume on your website. I decided to add a bit of whimsy and color, since I am Irish, and particularly wanted to wear these big funny ears! The witch thinks she’s got me, but she’ll never get my pot of gold!

I could not find a witch’s mask anywhere this year, but I did find a stuffed hanging head of a weird-looking man at the drug store. I spent a lot of time reworking his face to look like a witch: face paint, eyeliner, eyes painted on and coated with nail polish etc. I then sprayed a wig that I already had with white spray, added a fake nose and topped her off with a big feather hat.

I bought the cauldron at a Party store, cut it to curve around my waist and attached it with a belt through two holes in the sides of the pot. The witch was on a pvc pipe, taped together and placed in my ‘doggie papoose’. The latter is like a backpack, but used to carry small dogs.

The witch wore a black robe, with a hole cut in the middle where I stepped through, so that my legs appeared to be the witches’ legs.

The stockings were stuffed with heavy paper, taped together to form a cone-like shape and taped to the cauldron. The pants and arms were stuffed with cotton intended for Christmas snow.
Fake halloween hands, painted green with black nail polish, were attached to the pot and the coins were taped to a plastic cover I put over the little cauldron.

I have to tell you that we went out Halloween night and everyone stopped me to take a picture. They all said they did not know whether to speak to me or to the witch! What a compliment and what fun!

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