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Coolest Headcase Costume

This is a Headcase costume. I wore white scrub pants and a white shirt (like the crazy people). I shredded the shirt at the bottom and at the arms. I then painted my face white with a little dark circles under my eyes to make me look tired and washed out and mental.

I put gel on my hair to make it look as though it had not been washed in a while. I also took some old medical tubing I had and filled the tubing with red Kool-Aid, it had clamps on each end to hold the liquid. I use to drawn blood for a living so I had this stuff around the house and the tubing had a clamp on the end that looks like a clamp on an IV. So I ran one end of the tubing up under the arm of my shirt and taped it to my arm and then the other end of tubing I placed on my hand with see through surgical taped over it, making it look as though I had an IV with blood running in the tube.

As for the case on my head, I took one of those three drawer cardboard little dressers( I got at Walmart for 5 dollars) and painted it brown. I took all of the drawers out, leaving the top drawer bottom to use as a shelf. I then cut off the 3rd drawer portion completely. The second bottom drawer part that I also used as a shelf and I cut a whole in the bottom large enough for my head to fit in. I did not have to secure the case because it automatically wanted to lean forward but the back of my head kept it from doing so.

I then decorated it. I took a light weight small picture frame and printed the word HEADCASE off of word on the computer and a symbol of a prescription. I framed this and hot glued it to the top of the case. For the second shelf I had some miniature nursery rhyme books (which are hard to see in the picture) and hot glued them together in a bundle of 8 for each side and hot glued each set to the shelf and back of the case on each side. I then took even a smaller frame and printed a picture of Frankenstein and framed him and hot glued the frame to the shelf in the middle of the books placed forward a little bit.

I also have a miniature basket hot glued to the top shelf with a few colored rocks glued to the basket. For the second shelf (where my head is) I hot glued medicine bottles on each side of the hole my head went through. One was standing up with the lid on it and the other was tipped over with no lid and I hot glued colored M&M’s in front of the tipped bottle to make it look like pills had spilled everywhere.

This was a big hit at my job and I won first prize in the most creative category.

Headcase Costume

Headcase Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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