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EYE Bola Treatment Lab Worker Costume

Every year I create weird and outrageous costumes. This year I just had to do it again! I created something related to today’s happenings in the real world. I created the ‘Eye’ Bola treatment lab worker costume. “Keeping an eye on ebola”.

This costume took me three days to finish and it was  a workable one. First, I had to build a frame for the outer part of the eye using aluminum wire which is sturdy but flexible wire. To keep the frame in place and not falling off over my head, I attached another frame to the bottom of the eye frame and this way it mounted on my shoulders.

At that time, I used flexible craft foam sheets to cut and stick around the inner and outer parts of the eye frame. Glue sticks work well to do this. Then I placed strips of duct tape on the outer part of the frame. At this time the frame is strong and sturdy and ready to paint. I painted the outer frame only and used craft spray paint with a color to match my complexion.

For the eye lashes, I use decorated flexible craft wire and stick them to the top and bottom of the eye lids. I also used glue sticks for this. The inner part of the eye was decorated with white felt craft sheets that were cut and glued.

For the eyeball, I used a half shape 10 inch foam ball. I drew and cut out a circle in the inside middle of the foam ball using a sharp edge flexible blade. Then I used black plastic mesh to cut and stick to the front of the eyeball using glue sticks. The blood vessels were drawn with a red marker. To hold the eyeball in place, I used an elastic band and cut to the size of my head, sturdy enough to hold unto my head. I used glue sticks and thumb tacks to hold the elastic band to the inner side of the foam. At this time, the head is completed. To finish the costume, I bought a painters coverall, shoe covers and gloves.

I was now ready for Halloween. I had heads turning and all eyes on my EYE! Pictures and questions were the most. I won on two different events; one for the best costume and one for the scariest costume. I had lots of fun and am patiently waiting for next year’s Halloween.

EYE Bola Treatment Lab Worker Costume

EYE Bola Treatment Lab Worker Costume

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