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Cool Homemade Giant Eye Costume from The Residents

This Eye Costume from The Residents was a fairly simply paper mache project.  I took a large beach ball and covered it with 5 layers of paper mache.  After painting it a light cream color, I cut out a bottom whole just big enough to get over my head and another whole to serve as the pupil. From the inside of the eye, I duck taped a scrap of black tulle purchased at a fabric store.

The veins were made from wadded up pieces of tissue paper painted red.  To make the eye rest comfortably on my head, I stuffed an old sombrero inside it.  The large rim of the sombrero ensured that the eye  did not wiggle around and make me look like a bobble head.  Toward the base of the eye and around the rim separating the “white” of the eyeball and the “blue” of the iris, I drilled in a few whole for ventilation.  Finally, a larger whole was cut and the base of the eye as well to allow me to insert a straw and drink from any beverage I might hold.


  • Beach ball
  • Duck tape
  • Craft paint
  • Black tulle fabric
  • Old hat
  • Paper mache

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