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Coolest Miley Cyrus Costume – Riding a Wrecking Ball Illusion

My daughter has been obsessed with Miley Cyrus’ song “Wrecking Ball” from the moment it first debuted on the radio. So naturally when she waltzed up to me and said, “Maaa! This year I want to be my favorite song for Halloween!!”, I knew immediately what I had to do.

Intense research on how to make my baby into Miley Cyrus riding the infamous wrecking ball.

I honestly didn’t have any trouble making it. I used an exercise ball as my mold and made my handy dandy paper mache recipe.

Once my 4 layers of paper mache had dried, I carefully deflated the exercise ball and removed it. I used sheer ribbon as straps and glued them inside so it could give the illusion that my daughter was indeed riding the wrecking ball like Miley herself did.

I used an old pool noodle for the legs and of course used an old pair of nude color panty hose to give it a “splash of human color” as my daughter instructed me to do lol.

For the chain I used a halloween decor and I actually sent my daughter out into the yard to find a stick so I could glue the chain onto it lol

I then used T-Rex duct tape (that stuff is just the best in my opinion lol) that’s tape the chain onto my wrecking ball and then proceeded to spray paint every thing black.

I actually drew and painted the teddy bear onto my daughters cami to complete the Miley look.

She absolutely LOVED her costume and was beyond happy with it. She was a hit at her school Halloween dance and during trick or treat people kept coming up to her on the street to talk picture with her.

Miley Cyrus Costume Riding a Wrecking Ball Illusion


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