I attend an “Adult” theme Halloween party every year and everyone really goes all out with their costumes. The results vary from mild to wild, with me usually being the wild part. This year with all the publicity from Miley’s VMA awards performance, she seemed a natural for a costume.

When I started to do research, I saw a few store bought get ups that didn’t really look all that good. I choose to duplicate her “Wrecking Ball video” look and it was a big hit. I had my sister shave my head and add the blond out of a spray can. She helped with make up, since I don’t normally use it. I bought a kids 24″ bouncy ball, the type they sit on, and covered it in duct tape. I added a real piece of chain, and carried a 8 lbs sledge hammer around all night, yes I licked it on occasions.

I wore a cut off muscle shirt and added 4 layer’s of  “tidy whitey’s” so I wouldn’t get arrested and somehow retain a small speck of dignity. It was a blast, the costume was a hit, I won the contest, and didn’t even have to “TWERK” for it.