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Funny Homemade Costume: Miley Cyrus on the Wrecking Ball

WRECKING BALL: I used 3 different sized hula hoops from the Dollar Store. I hung them them using string to be sure the ball was the right length. I then cut and taped strips of cardboard vertically over the hula hoops to give it a rounded shape. I taped thin wire under each cardboard strip to control the shape. I covered the ball with tin foil and duct tape, then spray painted it black with some grey detail. I sewed a seam in a piece of black fabric, ran a long shoelace through it and pinned it from the inside of the top opening to the second hula hoop. I could then just pull the ball up like a pair of sweat pants and tie it in place around my waist.

LEGS: I found a pair of styrofoam manikin legs at a resale shop for $5! I cut the legs from the body part, spraypainted them sand color and put a pair of pantyhose on them. I cut 2 slits in a sand colored piece of fabric and put the legs through it. I sewed a seam in the top of the fabric, ran a shoelace through it and was able to tie the legs around my waist. I put boots on the feet and sewed a pair of white underpants to the fabric to keep them in place.

CHAIN: Spraypainted a thin wooden dowel and taped a plastic chain to it. I secured the dowel to the inside of the ball.

SHIRT: I painted the twerkin’ teddy on the tank top.

HAIR: I twisted my hair into the 2 tight buns.

I had a blast with the costume. I sang Wrecking Ball all night!!

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