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Cool Homemade Purple People Eater Costume

I was a one-eyed, one-horned flyin’ purple people eater! This costume was the life of the party with so many people stopping to ask if they could take a picture with me. What a night! If you look closely, the outfit is suposed to be the Purple People Eater holding its next vicitim while eating the remainder of its first victim.

First, to create the head, I used several newspapers and a paper mache technique to make sure that the head was firm. It doesn’t matter if you can see out of the head or not because your real head is actually positioned just under the monster’s mouth. Sculpt the paper mache like a round pinata and cover with fuzzy purple fur. Sew a cloak of fur, to appear almost like a forward facing cape, and attach it to the fur on the paper mache head. Be sure to leave one portion of the cloak with a large open hole in the front, which is where your real head will be positioned. I wasn’t happy with the stiches being seen, so I draped a large black cloth around the monster’s neck so that the hole and stitching would not be visible.

In creating the pants, I used large mesh wiring and then stepped into the pants. I was sure to wear heavy jeans underneathe since the wiring can get itchy! Since the fake legs were not a perfect fit, I used a smiple thin white rope wrapped around my waste and then tied to the beltloops of my jeans to keep the legs in place as I moved.

I then purchased extra large clown shoes that I wore over my real sneakers. The trick to this costume is that the large head is actually supported by a moving wardrobe cart on wheels. My right hand is out so that I could enjoy the night and actualy eat and drink. My left hand is inside of the costume pulling the cart behind me when I walked. Ended up walking about a mile that night and it wasn’t so bad once I got the hang of it!

The entire moving wardrobe cart is covered in purple fur so no one knew how I was supporting the head. The horn even lit up since I wrapped a string of battery operated lights around the top. Such a fun, fun costume to make!

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