Coolest Eye Costume

You take a vest, white fabric, eye color fabric, black felt, grey gauze and padding. Fabric paint and glow in the dark paint. You cut the eye color fabric to the desired circle size. Then paint starting from the middle going straight out to create depth. Add glow in the dark paint to random white areas of paint.

Let the eye costume dry. Cut black felt in to a smaller circle for pupil. Sew black circle to center of eye color circle. Then sew eye to white fabric. Center eye on to vest pin it down. Cut white fabric 2 larger than front of vest. Sew white fabric along sides and top of vest front. Add padding to create roundness of eye. Sew bottom to close it up. Sew grey gauze to shoulders and back in layers to create a spooky cape.

You can also get some red thread to add blood vessels if desired. Also a cute touch is an ostrich feather hair clip
(Jo-Ann’s) on top of the head for an eyelash. Baby wouldn’t keep it on.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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