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Coolest Homemade Mad Scientist Costume

My daughter wanted to have a Homemade Mad Scientist Costume for Halloween. It was very last minute, like 5 hours before! SO I came up with a great idea. I didn’t have a lab coat or time to find one so I got a large adults long sleeve white shirt at the craft store and a sheet of sticky foam.

We cut the shirt up the middle on the from and cut buttons and a pocket out of the sticky foam, we put some markers in the pocket before sticking it down. Then we used black face paint to make the “coat” look like an explosion had happened in the lab. We teased her hair and sprayed it heavily. Then put black on her face. We added dish gloves and safety goggles (we got for a dollar at the dollar store). She wore a shirt that was headed for the trash and a tie also from the dollar store.

For added affect after dark I broke open a couple of glow sticks and poured on the jacket. She got compliments all night!

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  1. my daughter was to dress up like a mad sientist for school and i didnt plann on her doing it but last min she decided she wanted to, i had no idea what to do till i found your pic. thanks so much for the pic.


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