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Coolest Homemade One Night Stand Couple Halloween Costume Idea

For Halloween this year my roommate and I had a homemade one night stand couple Halloween costume idea. We started out by making our lampshades to put on our heads like hats. We took 4 sheets of paper and separately folded them in zig-zags, making one end wider between zags to have the smaller ends of paper fit together for a smaller circumference on top to sit on our heads better. We then stapled them together and spray-painted them for a unique silver look!

Next to make was our table stands. We found two cardboard boxes that would work for a good sized stand to set different items on. We measured our waists and cut an oval out of the top and bottom of the box to fit over our heads and sit on our waists. The calculation does not need to be perfect because you can always trim off more around the edge of the circle. Then we also spray painted our boxes with silver to match our shades, but any color could have been used.

Once everything was dry, we looked at our night stands and figured out what kind of items we needed to set on ours to add some character to them. We placed a few items on ours, for example, can painted alarm clocks with times of “5:00 somewhere”, and “11:11 Make a WISH”(made out of scrap from our cardboard boxes), coasters, cups, and more!

It was a very cheap costume to make, and can be paired with black leggings and shirt like we did to make our lampshade and table stand out more or whatever you prefer! Our legs then also worked as the ‘legs’ of our table, and a secretive drawer inside of the box inside of the top hole cut out for your waist to fit in!

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