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Original DIY Halloween Costume: My First One Night Stand…

I was ready for some excitement in my life, so I decided to go out on a limb last night in search of a good time. A one night stand was the perfect plan.

It all started with a cardboard box I snagged from the recycle bin on campus. Then I gathered a few necessities for a proper night…condoms, lube, empty beer can, ibuprofen for the morning after, a random number on a T-Bell napkin. Of course I needed a lampshade and an alarm clock to complete the look. I also snatched the clutch component: Wood-look contact paper from the Dollar store. I was ready for construction.

Started by cutting off the bottom of the box, leaving flaps for the legs, head and arm holes. Then covered the box with the contact paper. I created “drawers” with hand-made cardboard knobs and covered those and stuck them on as well. My best-friend constructed the alarm clock with a tea box and tin foil. The lampshade proved to be the most difficult to stabilize. I needed a thick plastic headband, like we work in the 90’s, but of course couldn’t find one. I settled with a crafters headband and duct-taped it on to the lampshade…PERFECT! And of course I had to have a little mood lighting so I stuck some yellow glow sticks under my lampshade as well.

Now, it was time to put the costume in action. As expected, I had a fantastic night and the walk of shame even came out a littler later in the evening (ditched the night stand for sex hair and a blanket).

Happy Halloween!

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