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Coolest Homemade One Night Stand Halloween Costume

I had heard of this costume before but having seen the version available for purchase I was extremely disappointed so I decided to try and make a Homemade One Night Stand Halloween Costume myself. I started with simply a large brown box and quickly realized that it would be too big to have the arms coming out the sides like all previous versions I’ve seen have done. Instead, I came up with the genius idea of having a drawer “open” where I could rest my arms fully concealed.

To do this I cut out a hole in the front and crafted a drawer separately and then inserted it into the hole and secured it with a LOT of duct tape. I later realized I could add a cup-holder in this area allowing me to safely and easily store my beverage during parties! I also added feet onto the bottom for added realism and also to allow me to take it off and put it on the ground resting on those legs.

To make the drawers look even better I crafted a lip on the top of each one to give them more depth and screwed in a pair of handles. For the color and texture I started with a base coat of red spray paint and then used acrylic art paint mixed with black to portray the antique wood effect seen on the front and top of the “dresser.” The lampshade is just a simple plastic shade from a thrift shop.

The items on top include an alarm clock, bottle of pain killers, tube of lubricant, misc condoms, g-string, tall-boy can of beer, mini scotch bottle, cell phone, taxi ad from yellow pages, money for a taxi and a note. The note reads “Hey Kristin, had a great time last night. Sorry I bounced early this morning but something came up. Here’s some $ and a # for a taxi.”

That was followed in girl’s handwriting “Thanks a lot a**hole! Did we even have sex last night cuz I couldn’t tell. By the way my name is CRYSTAL! Not KRISTIN!”

For the last over the top effect I opened a condom and put a little hand lotion in it and draped it over the handle on the top drawer!

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