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Coolest Homemade One Night Stand Costume

I have created a Homemade One Night Stand Costume. It is full body that wears like a Hat, skirting goes to the ground, with suggestive articles on top.

I wore a sexy but NOT revealing outfit, all in red with fluffy high heel slippers. I took 1st place at the “Magic Lamp” in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

When black table cloth layer is pinned back you can see through the outer layer (but they can’t see in). The costume was relatively easy to dance in. Since it wears like a hat.

Items Needed for Costume: 20″ Styrofoam disc piece, cardboard same size,
1 3″ stretchy headband, black material for table cloth (cut to length desired), decorative shower curtain (long), Glue Gun, items for top.

Construction: Round Styrofoam piece attached to same size cardboard (with glue gun), cut 2 slits all the way through to thread pre-cut 3″ stretchy headband and re-sew. Scrape away some of the the Styrofoam to make it “concave” so it will conform to your head. Glue black material for tablecloth on top (cardboard side) and then glue decorative shower curtain on edges. When completed the headband hangs down and you slide it under your chin.

Noted Top Items: 2 battery operated candle sticks, flower arrangement, Kleenex, condoms, Viagra, energy drink, Tic Tacs, keys, hand cuffs, pregnancy test, mask, a lighter, motion lotion, a GOOD picture, and 2 cocktail glasses.

Suggested Clothing: Bathrobe and slippers with smeared make-up (looks like just woke up) or a sexy outfit can be worn.

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