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Coolest Homemade Butter-Fly Wordplay Costume

I had this idea to do a unique play on words costume and though I am not an artist my wonderful hubby is. At first he thought of one thing but I thought that idea would take up too much time so we put our heads together and came up with this homemade butter-fly wordplay costume idea.

I would be a Butterfly… we looked up a picture of a stick of butter on-line, took a large cardboard box (TV size) and unsealed it, then turned it inside out so the lettering wouldn’t show. We then got the measurements of what an actual stick of butter is (3 1/4 x 1/14), folded the life-size cardboard to reflect those measurements, then taped with packing tape all the sides together.

Next we spray painted the cardboard box with yellow cream spray paint (you will need two cans of this to get correct buttery color) let dry. We then took a piece of paper and traced from our computer screen the packaging logos of a a stick of butter… magnified it with a projection machine that my husband has, took a piece of poster board and traced the letters onto it to fit the life-size stick of butter, cut out the letters once we had traced them.

For the “wrapping” we took a bed skirt and cut the skirt part off, then taped the rest around the spray painted cardboard. Once the wrapping was on we took the stencil we had made and spray painted the word “Butter” onto the wrapping paper then took a permanent black marker and wrote NET WT 4 OZ.(113g) on it.

Last we poked two holes in the back of the box and attached a pair of wings to it. Wah-la- “Butter- FLY” my husband also made a pair of wings out of wire coat hangers (a pillow case sown around the shape of each wing) but the wire was too strong to stay in place.

Homemade Butter-Fly Wordplay Costume

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