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Coolest Homemade Sweet Roll in the Hay Wordplay Costume

I love the play on words possibility behind “a roll in the hay”. I had two days to get everything and pull off the creation with limited funding! No pressure! I ended up spending $20, half of which was for a can of 3M 77 Adhesive. Many people asked if I had hollowed out a bale of hay and if it was heavy, but it’s just a box. I pushed the flaps up into the box for extra support and used the whole can of adhesive to glue real hay onto the outside.

The sweet roll is felt glued into a tube (thank goodness for glue guns) and filled with plastic grocery bags. Bags worked well because they made the roll act like bread and squish or expand in the right places just like a sweet roll would upon rising. I wrapped the roll around me gluing certain spots to keep it in place and leaving the last portion free which would later allow me to slide into the center of the costume.

Once I had the basic form of the sweet roll, I added the cinnamon and frosting. The cinnamon is brown cloth and the frosting is paper I found in my attic that looked just like glazing! The key to the frosting was attaching the “drips” in sections on each “level” of the roll otherwise, the paper would rip when I wrapped and tucked the last section of the sweet roll around into the front.

Last, I set the roll in the hay bale and glued it into place. I made shoulder straps (tied to the inside of the box) from Christmas ribbon to keep the costume up. The ribbon was tricky because it ended up being too narrow and cut into my skin so I protected my shoulders with a bunch of band-aids! It worked! I created the signs on the computer and attached them to cardboard and a piece of wood. One said “For a good time call 555-LETS-ROLL” and the other “I’m not just any roll,I’m a SWEET roll in the hay!!

The challenges: sliding in and out of the center of the sweet roll without ruining the costume, not tearing the “frosting” considering the paper was the most delicate part of the whole getup, and sitting (brought my own stool)! The Homemade Sweet Roll in the Hay Wordplay Costume weathered my abuse well, lots of getting in and out of vehicles and dancing!!

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