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Coolest Homemade Destro Costume

I always try to out do myself every year for Halloween. Some years I’m more successful than others of course. I really try to think of a costume that you don’t see around or can’t buy. Anything based on 80’s cartoons (which I grew up on) gets me excited.

Destro is such a costume, I tried to get my wife to be the baroness because I thought that would have been the ultimate couple’s costume but she was a no go. I looked at some other homemade attempts at Destro and was not impressed.

To make this homemade Destro costume I need black BDU pants ($25), I already owned black boots, I got a thigh holster from my job and spray painted it red to match the cartoon, I bought some dollar store grenades and spray painted them red as well, red spray paint ($5), I found the black jacket at a thrift store ($5), my wife did an awesome job finding a red felt type material and sew it on the jacket with stuffing ($5), I already owned the silver pellet gun which fit perfectly in my holster, my friend made Destro’s red jewel out of modeling clay and hooked it to a fake chain I had from the year befores’ costume…

Finally I shaved my head and painted my face using metallic body paint ($8) and it was truly perfect, it lasted all night, I also spray painted a studded dog collar silver to give the look of the cartoon mask Destro had. I still have this homemade Destro costume and may do it again or go to Comic Con.

Homemade Destro Costume

Homemade Destro Costume

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