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Coolest GI Joe Costumes

When my boyfriend and I arrived at the Halloween Party in these costumes, the crowd went NUTS with cheering and applause! There were probably 400-500 people at this party, and we might have known 50 of them.

Total strangers swarmed us, followed us around and told us these were the best Halloween costumes they’d ever seen, shook our hands, and took pictures with us. We felt like celebrities!

My boyfriend fell in love with me all over again for thinking these costumes up. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top them.

Cobra Commander: I bought white chef’s pants and a white chef’s jacket, and a white twin-sized sheet set, then dyed them all with one part “denim” and one part “light blue” R.I.T dye. I found this was the best combination to achieve the color of Cobra Commander’s costume.

Once I got the materials dyed, I only had 2 hours to throw the costume together, so everything was either pinned or glued hereafter. I used black painter’s knee pads for Cobra Commander’s knee pads. I bought a cheap black gun belt at Wal-Mart, and put a toy Glock gun in the holster.

I created a leg harness by attaching black elastic strips with safety pins to the holster. I trimmed the breast of the jacket with gold braid trim secured with fabric glue, some black vinyl strips on the shoulders secured with safety pins, and gold braiding around one of the armpits (again, secured with glue). The flat twin sheet became a cape and was attached to the jacket with safety pins (the pins were not visible because the hood covered them).

To make Cobra Commander’s hood, I measured from the crown of my boyfriend’s head to his Adam’s apple – that became the radius of the circle I cut from the fitted sheet. I pinned the center of the sheet to the top of a skull cap (to keep the sheet from falling or sliding out of place) – then I cut out eyes and added a “Cobra” patch (with glue) that I bought off eBay.

I used a red paint pen to hand-draw the cobra logo on the chest of the jacket, and I cut out a cobra shape out of red cardstock and glued it on the buckle of the belt. I added a toy grenade, a cobra staff, and black boots and gloves to finish it off.

Baroness: I ordered a black rubber Zentai suit made to my measurements from an eBay merchant. I used the red paint pen to draw the cobra logo on the chest. I dyed my hair black, put on some red lipstick, and black framed glasses, and tall black boots. I strapped a bandelera of toy bullets across my chest, and I armed myself with an extra large toy semi-automatic rifle (which was a water-gun that I loaded with my favorite “beverage”, so I could shoot “shots” directly into the mouths of my enemies).

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