I got the Idea from my five year old daughter to be Lego Batman from the movie “Lego movie”. She loved it so much, so the idea was born. I went with Batman because he was so funny to me, well, to make the costume. I spent 30-40 bucks plus an arm and  leg in time.

This is How I Made this First Try DIY Lego Batman Halloween Costume:

  • First, I started by getting ideas off the net on how to make and what I learned was that measurements were important, scale to your size and fit comfortably. So, I bought two foam boards 1.5 thick (home depot) 10 In cement tube, three cardboard boxes, plenty of poster board, tons of hot glue sticks, Velcro, stocking cap, white, yellow, black foam sheets, suspenders (to hold legs up under costume) and the process begins.
  • Started with the body; trial and error to get correct, then legs out of foam sheet. Backed with cardboard.
  • Then the hard part was the head. I feel I made my head too big but dealing with the little time I had left to create, I had to do it. Cut out the tube about 10In high, added foam boards on bottom and top (trial and error) to get correct around neck.
  • The face was a pain in the a$$, but I free-handed the face and tried to make it 3-D. Well, through many thousand cuts of torture and hot glue burns, I finished.

Costume was a big hit at my school I work at; won ‘costume of the year’, and during trick or treat time, I had to stop so often to take pictures that I just stood on the corner and took pictures all night until my daughter was done trick or treating. The costume became very hot; I had to take the head off a few times to let the steam out. It was a hot costume, looks and inside, lol!