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Coolest Homemade Costumes – Jack as a Jack

My son’s name is Jack and I like to incorporate his name in his costumes (as long as he will let me). I decided it would be fun and easy to make him a Jack from the game of Jacks.

It was fun but not so easy but now since I have done the troubleshooting it shouldn’t be so hard for you.

I purchased a gray sweatsuit with a gray stocking cap (for a silver Jack). I purchased some gray fabric for the spokes and bought some silver balloons for the tips of the spokes. My son’s feet and head were the spinning tips.

I sewed the fabric into 4 cones for the spokes leaving an opening at the tip and the bottom. I then put magazine pages into the cones to smooth them out. I blew up 4 balloons and attached a piece of string to the balloons. I pulled the string through the cone and sewed it onto the bottom of the cone. I then stuffed the cone with stuffing.

In order to make the cones stand up on the sweatshirt I attached a piece of elastic to end of the done with a snap on the other end. The match for the snap was on the sweatshirt. There was also a snap on the end of the cone and on the sweatshirt. This enables you to take the spokes off the sweatshirt when in a car or sitting down.

Have your child hold a ball that represents the super ball in Jacks for photos.

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