Coolest Homemade Centaur Halloween Costume

Inspired by different movies and books comes alive my dream of being a “Centaur”. This 2010 Halloween was completely different, instead of buying a costume, I made a Homemade Centaur Halloween Costume. It took me two whole weeks and less than $100. With the help of my sister, we went and bought wood at a lumber store, is easier to go buy wood there, because they even cut it for you. We also went to our nearest thrift store, where we bought; accessories, clothes, a pack of synthetic hair for the tail and also a bag of stuffing, the same they use for decorative pillow cases. Also for the main part which is the body shape, we used an old mattress that we found on the neighbor’s trash, we cut it up, took out all the foam and “voila”.

Other helpful materials are; gray tape, yards of cord, drill, hammer and wood glue of course. The best part was that we enjoyed doing it and it was a great learning experience. Now we think we can do anything!

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