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Coolest King and Queen Centaur Costume

Both the King and Queen Centaur Costume were made the same:

The body is a white garbage can that is rounded on one side and flat on the other. We cut holes in the garbage cans and stuck two 2x4s in the back for the legs. We also put wheels on the two bag legs so we could move around.

Everything was then wrapped with cotton stuffing, then wrapped with “fur”. We used a cheaper fur as this can get very costly.  For the tails, we attached old wigs that we had lying around from other costumes.

We used belts to loop the costume through the garbage cans and through our old jeans. We were going to glue the fabric around our pants but ran out of time.

King Centaur wore a big poofy wig and we both had crowns.  Underneath the white hoody I had on a nude bandeau that I decorated with gem stones (it was cold).

We would HIGHLY recommend using a sturdier wood (maybe 4×4 instead of 2×4). Unfortunately, a little cousin jumped on King Centaur and broke one of his legs. (He easily morphed into Charles Manson for the rest of the night by putting on an orange jumpsuit with that crazy wig and beard).

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