The dress and bandages were purchased at a thrift store, make-up at a 99 cent store and the hair at a Sally Beauty supply.

The dress is a simple long dress. With regular bandages, I wrapped the left arm up to the shoulder, through the dress to the right shoulder and down again to the other hand. I painted my daughter’s face white with a tinge of gray. I looked up a picture of the Bride of Frankenstein and painted the face based on the picture.

The hair was a little tricky. All the wigs I looked at seemed to be so fake. I went to Sally’s and bought hair extensions. I cut through a hairband, got some foam, put wire through the foam and sewed the hairband around it. I hot-glued nylon around the wire and shaped it. I hot-glued the hair extensions onto the nylon. When putting on the hair, I fluffed out some of my daughter’s hair and hair-sprayed it to the wig.

I didn’t think this Bride of Frankenstein costume would come out as good as it did!

 Bride of Frankenstein Costume