After searching for about a month I finally came up with the perfect costume. A Black Swan costume! I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off but I was definitely up for the challenge. Here is how I made it:

Top: The first thing I did was find a black corset. I hot clued black Indian feathers all over the top. I angled them so they would over-lap each other. I then took some other feathers to make the right side like in the movie. I glued jewels on the top.

Bottom: I took black stretch braided elastic and measured it around my waste. I then started tying black tulle around the waste band to start making the tutu. I noticed that it was laying flat so I cut the ends shorter so that it would stick out more. Once I had finished the band I sewed a button on to it so it would stay on. I glued feathers to the top of the tutu just like she has in the movie. I then glued jewels to the front left side of the tutu. I took a black feather boa and tied it on as the belt so it look like the top and the bottom flowed together. I got light pink tights, black bloomers and real ballet shoes from a dance store.

Crown: I took a clear plastic cutting board and placed it on top of an outline of the crown I found online. I blew the photo up and traced the photo with hot glue. I let the glue dry then pooped it right off the plastic. I then took a regular headband and glued the crown to the headband. I then spray painted it a dull gray.

Makeup: I had one of my friends actually do my makeup. She started by outlining my eyes with a soft brown pencil. She then took black eyeliner to make the eyes. Then she took a bright silver eyeliner to make the “feather like lines.” My white face is actually the lightest color foundation Mac has. The lipstick is by KatVonD which I purchased at Sephora.

I am really glad how my costume turned out! It took a lot of time and patience! Definitely well worth it! I got a lot of great feedback from everyone! They all just loved it. They kept telling me I actually looked like Natalie Portman. I wouldn’t go that far, but it was a compliment! I made everyone laugh by “P-lying” (not sure how to spell that!!) all night because it was difficult to bend over! All in all I’m more than happy with it!