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Coolest Homemade Avatar and Banshee Costumes

For the Banshee:

I carved the head out of foam and molded eyes with wood putty. I made the long ears with AC covering and wire. Then I painted and used nail polish over the eyes for a gloss. I bought a motorcycle helmet and shoulder pads from OfferUp to attach the wings and head to. I glued and nailed the helmet to the head and attached the tail made with material and stuffing to a belt to wear. The wings were made from wood and foam board from Home Depot. Then I painted everything, including his body.

For the Avatar Girl:

I bought a wig and cut some pieces out to make it fit my head better. I put the beads on the braids and made the headpiece with leather and braided hair. The bone in the middle of the headpiece is from wood putty. I put in contacts and painted my whole body. The tail is made out of AC covering and put on a belt also. I bought a piece of material to wrap around the belt for the front. I bought blue flip flops. I made the top out of feathers, stones, and shark’s teeth.

Karrie Sousa as the Avatar girl and Shawn Spino as the Banshee.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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