With this Avatar costume not even my friends recognised me!  Not to mention the policemen at the boozebus on the way who got quite the shock!

As complicated as it looks, my costume was actually very easy and last minute so anyone can do it!

I wore blue stockings, a blue crop top, and short shorts over the stockings. For the front and back flaps I just threaded a belt through some felt fabric I had cut. I then found bits of jewellery that I thought suited the look and wore them accordingly.

As for the wig, well I braided that by hand and put beads on to the ends. Im sure you can buy braided wigs but I chose the hard way of course! Oh and I put feathers in the wig!

For the face make up I used white clown paint as a base, and then eye shadow and a glitter gel. I just copied off of a photo. For the rest of the body I used blue body paint, and a slightly darker blue to draw darker lines.  To top it off I inserted yellow contact lenses which really made the whole outfit come together.  The paint washed off easily as well (not so well on my friends bedroom wall though)!

I came up with this Avatar costume just over 24 hours before the event and it turned out amazingly. It was easily achievable for anyone happy to paint themselves!  Safe to say that it won’t be a costume forgotten any time soon!