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Coolest Homemade Avatar Adult Costume Idea

To start off on this homemade Avatar adult costume idea you have to shave your body entirely. If you don’t the paint will flake off more easily and ruin your costume. I bought a small sports bra and white spandex shorts to wear for the night and painted over them. Then I used Ben Nye Aqua Color for the body paint. I of course airbrushed it on to give it a more realistic look and feel. I mixed the colors blue, cosmic blue, and white to get a color I was satisfied with to spray me with. I then was sprayed head to toe but not my face. After I was sprayed I used the color sapphire blue to free hand airbrush on the stripes on me.

After this was done I put in my yellow contacts which I ordered online. Then I had my face airbrushed blue. I then took the blue mixture and mixed it with more white and sprayed it on the highlights of my face (nose and upper cheek). I then took the blue and mixed it with a darker blue and sprayed it in the counters of my face (cheek bone, chin, and etc).

Then I free-handed the blue stripes on my face. I then took white and dotted it on my face. I then put on wispy eyelashes to finish the look. After all the paint has dried I sprayed my self with a finishing spray (I got it at ulta makeup store).

All the accessories I wore were handmade. To do this you need brown suede rope/string, feathers, and fabric. For the necklace I used a suede string and strung brown wooden beads on it. I then hot glued feathers in between. I used neutral colors with the red brown too. I also used the suede sting to make a choker, a bracelet, and an arm band. I strung the string with wooden beads as well.

For the loincloth I used a brown material and simply measured it around my waist and hung fabric from it. I made a beaded feather waist rope as well. I took a string and painted it blue. I let it dry and then strung beads (white and clear) from it. Then I hot glued feathers on the end. I then tied it around my waist. For the blue strappy thing I wore around my neck I took white fabric and cut it into a long circle shape. Then I hot-glued and sewed it shut. I then stuffed it with stuffing and painted it blue. I sponged on brown onto it and wrapped brown string around it.

For the tail I took white fabric and cut it long and wrapped it into a circular shape. Then I sewed it shut. I painted it blue and painted stripes on it too. I took an old jacket with fur and cut it and hot-glued it onto the end of the tail. I glued an end of velcro to the top of the tail and to the top of my shorts.

Finally, I braided all of my hair and strung beads on as well. For the ears I took foam paper and cut it into ear shapes and painted pink in the middle and black on the end. I stuck bobby-pins into it and stuck it in my hair.

This took a LONG time to do so make sure you start off airbrushing yourself at least 4-5 hours before the time you need to be done. Also make sure you have a good setting spray so the paint won’t flake off. And make all the accessories in advance so you have more time to airbrush yourself. Hope you like it!

Homemade Avatar Adult Costume Idea

Homemade Avatar Adult Costume Idea

Homemade Avatar Adult Costume Idea

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