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Coolest Homemade Avatar Couple Halloween Costume Idea

For the Avatar at heart with a budget who prefers not to be entirely nude! The biggest investment and only unaltered item were the yellow contacts, which were $20 a pair online.

The hair was a long synthetic Elvira wig ($15). We made a long braid down the back and weaved a fluffy pink feather at the tip for the “connection,” back-combed a few chunks to simulate dreads and added beads to them. I fused some human hair to the female wig to create a more full and naturally flowy look around the face and in the back. A synthetic wig is too bare to braid all the way around, so I did one of her looks from the movie where she just pulled two strands to the back and tied together with a couple of bright colored feathers.

The Avatar Couple Halloween Costume Idea and accessories were entirely handmade and supplies are credited to a local thrift store and craft store. Here is the list of original supplies: A brown leather belt, a teal spandex tube top, blue Lycra and spandex work-out leggings ( circa 1982?) ; D, a brown bathing suit top, a couple strands of wooden beads, a yard of brown wool fabric, sculpey clay, green beads, pillow stuffing, craft wire (fairly thick gauge),hemp thread, and yellow, red, and brown feathers.

There was enough fabric in the teal tube top to create full coverage bottoms and a loin cloth for the female. I used one of my best fitting bathing suit bottoms as a pattern and cut around the fabric and sewed! The Male bottoms were originally the spandex leggings. I cut a “speedo” out of the top and used the brown wool to create a loin cloth in front of it, cut strips of it and braided it for the sides. The remaining fabric of the leg part of the leggings were turned into our tails, stuffed with pillow stuffing, and I fed a wire through it to give it bounce. I had elastic at home, sewed the tails to a loop of elastic so we could tuck it into our loin cloths with little visibility and wrapped the tails with strips of black theater. The female headpiece was a piece of a brown leather belt cut to fit around my ears. I created a bone out of sculpey clay, and tied it to the head-piece. The necklaces were macramed from hemp and loose beads. I re-strung found necklaces and glued feathers to it for the female, and re-strung smaller beads for extra on the male loin cloth.

The body was all theatrical body paint in Teal and Blue, acrylic white paint for the “freckles”, and a metallic teal loose powder, stencil and free-hand painting, latex LARGE elf ears, and latex cat noses. The lips off of the cat nose had to be trimmed, because Avatars only have the similar nose. We blanked out our eyebrows using an Elmer’s glue-stick first, added the latex prosthetics and sponge-painted the entire body with teal, followed by a Zebra stencil and lastly with the metallic loose powder for blending and the white freckles.

AND THERE YOU GO: authentic, affordable Male and Female Avatars!

Homemade Avatar Couple Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Avatar Couple Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Avatar Couple Halloween Costume Idea

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17 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Avatar Couple Halloween Costume Idea”

  1. Knowing Deena’s talent, I was so excited to see how these costumes would turn out and I was blown away! The attention to detail was so perfect. People today, weeks after Halloween, are still talking about this costume. They deserve to win for just being so darn creative and driven to complete this costume out to the fullest!

  2. This costume was amazing and i cant imagine what went into it all but if its anything like Deena i know there was hard work and lots of time put into this whole theatrical design!

  3. They won best costume at our Halloween party and definitely deserved it! With Deena’s creative mind and attention to detail, the look was pulled off to perfection! I wondered how they were going to top their awesome costumes from last year, and Avatar did it. Makes me look forward to next Halloween!


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