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Original Homemade Mr. and Mrs. Predator Couple Costume

These costumes are being worn by myself (Female Predator) and my significant other (Male Predator). My significant other has always been a huge fan of the Predator movies. He first came up with the idea to create a Predator costume in 2007, while watching the movie. He literally thought, “why not?” and began to research the ways he could bring this costume idea to life. Since then, he has dressed up as the Predator every Halloween, each year the costume developing into a creation more involved and evolved. Since witnessing the passion he has put into this costume, I decided that this year I wanted to be involved in the process as well, hence the Mr. and Mrs. Predator idea. It was also less of a headache to get myself involved because let me tell you – come a month or so before Halloween, his mind is strictly in Predator mode! If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? Boy was was he ecstatic to hear that I wanted to be involved this year (what man wouldn’t love his lady to be involved with something he loves?) and immediately helped to think of the ways the Female Predator costume could be created.

How was it made?

Let’s start with the Male Predator creation. For the body, a “Mr. Incredible” bodysuit was purchased to utilize as a base. Pred muscles, baby! The ultimate goal was to use latex to create a realistic look to the Predator’s body. The process involved wearing long johns while his body was wrapped in duct tape from head to toe in order to create a body dummy. You better believe I’m going to show you a picture of him wrapped in the duct tape! A slit was then made from the neck to mid-back in order to get out of the duct tape. The body dummy was then stuffed with clothes to simulate a real body being inside of it. The “Mr. Incredible” suit was then placed around the dummy created and liquid latex was used and brushed all over the suit. After the latex dried, the suit was then air brushed with paint to display muscle tone, skin texture, etc. Moving on to the feet, rubber latex monster feet were purchased, but then glued on top of a pair of sneakers that were airbrushed to create the look of the Predator’s feet. Moving on to the body armor, the shin guards were created using rubber latex over a foam padding, the hip and groin plates are made from resin, the shoulder armor is leather cowhide, and lastly, the gauntlets were made from foam, cardboard, plastic and wood that were carved to make the designs and structure. Moving onto the bio-helmet, that was created by handcrafting it with resin and fiber glass materials. It was then painted with the colors that you see in the pictures. The Predator’s dreads were created using a product called Backer Rod. The tips of the Backer Rod were melted and twisted to create a point at the ends and they were then painted using a product called ‘Plasti-Dip’ and airbrushed on top of that. The dread rings were made from plastic tubing cut into one inch pieces that were then spray painted a gold color. Then there were symbols meticulously carved out from foam that were glued onto the dread rings. Moving to the accessories, the products that were used were fishnet, EL wire, LED lights, a Tri-beam laser, two bone necklaces, a T-Rex Skull, a real medical human spine and a Native American Breast Plate. The EL wire was placed in front of the Predator’s body and was utilized to imitate the Predator’s cloaking device. The LED lights were placed in the Predator’s arm gauntlets and the tri-beam laser were placed in the Bio helmet to imitate exactly how the Predator utilizes this laser in the movies.

Moving on to the Female Predator costume. Not as involved as the male Pred! And trust me, I wasn’t trying to get as involved. For the body, a nude color body suit was purchased and then it was meticulously airbrushed to create muscle tone and structure. You guys get to see a picture of the airbrush process too! The body armor was created the same as the male predator, explained above, and spray painted gold. The shin guards were created by purchasing bicycle shin guards and spray painting them gold as well. The bio helmet was made from five layers of fiberglass resin reinforced by two layers of specialty glass fibers. My Predator dreads were created from rubber tube piping and were then spray painted with the above-mentioned ‘Plasti-Dip’. The dread rings were also created via the same method as described above for the Male Predator.

Woo! That was exhausting…

Being wrapped in duct tape!
Being wrapped in duct tape!

The “Mr. Incredible” suit with the latex over it and airbrushed

The female predator body being created!
The female predator body being created!

The female pred body looking awesome!
The female pred body looking awesome!


I felt like a celebrity when wearing this costume! I witnessed it in the previous years with my significant other dressing up as the Predator, with people constantly coming up to him to take pictures with him, but actually experiencing it was a whole other type of situation. Especially being a female Predator, it was completely unexpected, as there isn’t even a female predator in the movies! People thought we wore the coolest costumes and we would get chased down the street, just so people could take pictures. Not everyone knew what we were (particularly the ones who have never seen the Predator movies), but even then, they thought ‘whatever’ we were, we were “awesome looking”! I told my significant other that next Halloween, I’m charging people for photos! Just kidding. :) We also won a couple of contests at local bars/lounges, at one bar, we had to DANCE on stage as part of the contest. Can you imagine my significant other in the male predator costume dancing? So you guessed it, I had to do all the moving, and we have a video to prove it!

Final words..

The Predator costume is not a costume that is made overnight. In 2007, when my significant other first created it, it did not look the way it does today. Each year, he came up with new ways to make it even better but this has been the best year yet. It has taken years to create the Male predator costume and although not as involved, it took me months to create the Female Predator costume. Not to mention, it isn’t cheap! All together, for the materials used for both the male and female Predator, we have estimated that the total amount spent on creating these costumes is approximately $4,380. But the passion that my significant other has towards his creation is priceless and I am now inspired to continue with the Mr. and Mrs. Predator theme and improve on the Female Predator costume even more for next year!

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