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Coolest Homemade Predator Costume

This homemade Predator costume is my favorite homemade costume I made and assembled together. I was inspired by the first Predator movie and the first AVP film. I love Sci-Fi movies so I thought this whole project was going to be fun. I’m (Rolando) the one wearing the suit in the pictures. My father took the pictures outside of our house.

The suit is composed of many elements:
– latex muscle skin (made and airbrushed by me)
– latex armor (groin armor, thigh armor, shoulder bells, and butt flap) (also painted by me)
– latex hands and feet (also painted by me)
– mask and helmet (dreads attached, mask painted and helmet painted by me)
– custom blade gauntlets that have animatronics inside that make the blades go in and out
– tri-laser pointers in the helmet
– fan inside mask to keep me cool
– speaker attached mask that connects to a small MP3 player that plays back the Predator’s actual sounds from the movie.

Again, everything is either made out of latex or resin and airbrushed and assembled by me. Overall, the homemade Predator costume took me almost a year to make. It was really fun.

Homemade Predator Costume (found a victim!)

Homemade Predator Costume

Homemade Predator Costume

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